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still having critical error

this version is not stable yet...

Nice tool~

I’ve been using Evernote for a long time. It has been my diary of daily life, my research diary for my Ph.D study etc. Nice tool, will continue to use. Glowing recommendation.

Great, but with few important limitations

(writing in English expecting someone from Evernote will read this and fix it) Evernote has many nice editing feature, but one "basic" for every text editor feature is missing: there is no way to Replace one part of the text by another one.. -- this is very limiting any editing experience once needed. Please, add it asap ! Also, Find feature within a note is also pretty strange: - the search is not case-sensitive - searching a phrase will result in searching of every word from the phrase (and you have to quote your phrase to search by phrase) IMHO, lacking of such "basic" features is way more important than other goodies. Please, improve this stuff !


I am a very happy user of Evernote. In need of archiving a lot of text and other stuff, I know no other organizer as efficient and troublefree as this here application. I wish, though, that Snippets could be colour coded. That would be very helpful in further categorizing and finding what you search for a lot easier. Would much appreciate it, if this subject were considered. Thanks for the good work!

My new bullet journal

Perfect app, I used to use a paper version for my bullet journal, but with Evernote everything is easier. Love it !

It goes everywhere with me

Couldn’t live without it. What did I do before EN? Love the cross-platform compatibility, and with the Premium account, I can choose which notebooks are available on which gagdet, and always have exactly what I need right at my fingertips.

The best

I use for notes on work.

The easy step to integration.

For me it is very simple: everything starts from Evernote and ends in it. That’s how I eliminated a lot of unwanted stuff!!


I can’t live without it!

best organizer of my life

I feel there should be more campaigns to promote the use of evernote. when I tell people about it they seem not to know what it is about.

Dissapointed with new policy

I was a very happy basic evernote user. Now I’ve cut off and limited to only 2 devices! I am outraged! I’m currently transfering all my notes to Apple’s Notes app. I refuse to be treated this way.

use to be my favorite… not any longer

evernote use to be my favorite… well, not any longer , since they limited the free version to up 2 devices. Who, in this wide world, can organize projects with that limitation? Now I have just a big and not synchronized mess appointment book. shame, evernote.

Muito bom!!!

Aplicativo fantastico.


At last one application which works reliable an does the job!

Totally not working anymore

I am using Evernote since the beginning. With the new update it is totally not usable anymore. It instantaneously crashes upon start. Total ****.

All cool

Nice as always. I like an honest paying-model much more than paying with my data... :)

Just a great app which optimises productivity tremendously

Well the shortage in service for the users of the free version is a bad thing. You shouldn’t do that, seriously. But the premium version ist just awesome. The iOS tools which integrate perfectly are insane. Just exactly what I and my team need! Maybe you could ask which other software users would like to have compatible with evernote. THat would bring you an edge I believe. In any other way good job! Keep improving as you have done so in the last months and years. Cudos!!!

Evernote is my Everthing

Evernote stores my bookmarks, articles, reminders, screenshots, business cards... Its my digital brain. Evernote is on my phone, in my browser, and wired up to IFTTT. But my greatest joy for using Evernote is opening up the Mac app to write notes. This application is an absolute joy to use.

Evernote made me a better man

I use to have 3-4 web apps to keep track of everything I do with Evernote, now it’s fully integrated to my life, or the other way around, I’m not quite sure, but it’s awesome. Use the skitch and clearly integrations, make sure to use it on your iphone too.


It works really well, better than most paid apps Tottaly worth its 0 dollars

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